Oregon Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Oregon limited power of attorney is completed by a person (the “principal”) to grant special decision-making powers to another person (the “agent”). The agent must abide by the guidelines stated in the form and always make decisions that positively impact the principal. If the agent is not clear on their responsibilities, they must consult with the principal to ensure they understand what they need to do. Once they have followed through with their duties, the form does not have power any longer. The agent is bound to the beginning and end dates set by the principal (if any have been set).

This type of form is used for one-time tasks that are not better represented by another power of attorney. For example, it would be selected when picking up mail or cashing a check for someone. However, it would not be used when a principal wants an agent to buy or sell a house for them. Instead, a real estate power of attorney would be chosen.

Signing requirements – Not specified in statutes.