Oregon Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 735-500)


An Oregon motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 735-500) is a form that provides physical proof that a vehicle owner has given an individual (the attorney) permission to handle matters relating to the car, truck, or van. A principal cannot edit the form after creating it, so if they want to make a change or assign a new attorney, they must fill out a new form.

Signing requirements: Vehicle owner must sign.

What is an Oregon Motor Vehicle POA?

An Oregon motor vehicle power of attorney lists the tasks for a person to complete within a set time frame for someone else. The appointed person must oblige to all of the requests from the owner, and ensure that they follow the exact steps to achieve the end goal. A dissatisfied principal can quickly cancel the agreement and take away the attorney’s power if wrongful actions ensue.

The owner must file the form with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) so that the attorney can use it to take care of the assigned duties. If the owner wishes to give a business the ability to handle vehicle-related tasks, they must enter the company or firm’s name instead of an individual’s name.

The motor vehicle power of attorney must include the name of the person or company representing the owner, the vehicle license plate number, vehicle identification number (or title number), and the signature of the vehicle owner. Otherwise, the DMV will reject the form, meaning the attorney cannot use it to act for the owner.

How to Sign on the Principal’s Behalf

When signing on behalf of the owner, the individual or company must enter the name of the vehicle owner followed by their full name or business. The following examples explain how to sign depending on the attorney, company, and business owner.

If the attorney is an individual: John Smith by Frank Brown (signature)

  • John Smith is the vehicle owner.
  • Frank Brown (the person signing) is the attorney representing the owner.

If the attorney is a company: John Smith by William’s Body Shop (signature from William Johnson)

  • John Smith is the vehicle owner.
  • William’s Body Shop is the company authorized to make vehicle-related decisions for the owner.
  • William Johnson is the body shop owner signing the power of attorney. They must write the word “owner” next to their signature.