Pennsylvania General Power of Attorney Form


The Pennsylvania General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a contract that transfers power from the person executing the form (the “principal”) to their chosen agent. With the completed POA in-hand, the agent can present it to banks, companies, and other entities to conduct financial affairs on behalf of the principal.

Being a financial-specific POA, it grants the agent sweeping power over the principal’s assets and personal finances. Bank accounts, property, government benefits, taxes, and retirement accounts are just some of the powers transferred with the document. Should the principal only be looking to provide their agent a few powers, a limited power of attorney should be completed instead.

If the principal is unsure whether to select the durable power of attorney or this general power of attorney here, the difference between both is simple: the durable power of attorney does not terminate if the principal becomes incapacitated, whereas the general does terminate automatically upon incapacitation.

Laws: Chapter 56 “Powers of Attorney”

Signing requirements (§ 5601(b)): The principal must have their signature viewed by two (2) witnesses AND notarized by an official Notary Public.

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