Pennsylvania General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The Pennsylvania General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a contract that once executed will grant a party known as the Agent the legal powers to make decisions on behalf of a party known as the Principal. The Agent will not be able to act on the Principal’s behalf in an unrestricted way as their actions must reflect the terms found in the contract. In line with the contract’s terms regarding its “general” status, the Agent must cease use of any decision making powers if the Principal falls ill to the extent that they are deemed by health professionals to be incapacitated.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements (§ 5601(b)) – Once a Principal based in Pennsylvania has decided to proceed with a General Power of Attorney, they must follow certain signing requirements that are administered by the state. That is, the Principal’s signature (whether completed by normal signature or mark) must be viewed by two (2) witnesses as well as a Notary Public. It is also vital that they sign the specific notice found in § 5601(c) and include it at the start of the Power of Attorney document.