Pennsylvania Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney Form

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The Pennsylvania Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney is a form that opens up the possibility for an individual (the Principal) to designate someone trusted to them (their Agent) to take their place in making end-of-life health care decisions when they are unable to do so themselves. The primary reasons why a Principal to an Advance Directive may find themselves, at a future date, unable to assert or communicate their own health care decisions are disability or incapacity. Thus, by organizing for an Agent to represent them in such circumstances, a Principal can safeguard the passage of such decisions.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Health Care

Signing Requirements (§ 5452) – It is stipulated by state law that in order for a Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney to be considered valid in Pennsylvania, the Principal is required to date and sign it before two (2) individuals who will act as witnesses to their signature. The Principal is legally permitted to direct another individual to sign it on their behalf if they are unable to fulfill this requirement themselves.