Rhode Island General Power of Attorney Form


The Rhode Island General Power of Attorney is a personal-use legal document used to give a person the authority to handle all (or a portion of) your financial matters. You (the “principal”) have full control over who you choose to act as your “agent”, the powers they receive, and when the contract terminates. Family members are some of the most common agents chosen, although friends and legal professionals are commonly recruited as agents.

While the original POA should be kept by the principal, a copy should be made for the agent and any other necessary parties. Copy in-hand, the agent will use it to demonstrate their powers to third (3rd) parties, such as banks, realtors, and any other person that may need it. The principal has the option of making the contract terminate automatically once the agent completes all of their duties. Should the principal need to terminate the power of attorney for any reason, they can do so by completing and issuing a revocation of power of attorney at any time.

Laws: Ch. 18-16 “Short Form Power of Attorney Act”

Signing requirements (§ 18-16-2) – A licensed Notary Public must witness the principal sign the power of attorney.

Versions (2)

Version 1 – OpenDocs

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Version 2 – Statutory Short Form

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