Rhode Island Limited Power of Attorney Form

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A Rhode Island limited power of attorney grants a third party (agent) the authority to act for an individual (principal) while completing certain tasks. The agent must abide by the wishes of the principal as stated in the document. Investment management, payment transfers, and terminating or hiring an employee are common uses of this form. If the responsibilities are long-lasting and include many tasks, a general power of attorney should be completed instead.

A principal can determine when the form begins and ends. Setting a start date restricts the agent so that they can only act on or after a specified day. Similarly, establishing a termination date gives the agent limited time to complete the tasks. If the document does not have a start or end date, it holds legal power until the agent has finished their duties. However, the principal can end it at any time by completing a revocation power of attorney.

Signing requirements (§ 18-16-2(b)) – Notarization mandatory.