Rhode Island Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Rhode Island limited power of attorney grants a third party (the agent) authority to complete tasks in place of another person (the principal). The agent must abide by the principal’s wishes as stated in the document. Investment management, payment transfers, and terminating or hiring an employee are common uses of this form.

This form does not involve employment as it does not hire or fire someone or provide them with ongoing responsibilities. It is not a contract, and it only lasts for a limited period. Instead, it is a legal document that empowers an agent to carry out specific, one-time duties for another person.

The principal can use the document whenever they need tasks completed. Furthermore, they can have multiple active limited power of attorneys simultaneously, so long as the duties do not conflict. Similarly, if the principal has many forms with different agents, they should ensure that they have organized the information to prevent overlay or confusion.

Signing requirements (§ 18-16-2(b)): Notarization mandatory.