Rhode Island Temporary Guardianship POA


A Rhode Island temporary guardianship power of attorney form gives parents or guardians the ability to delegate their child’s care to a trusted individual, often due to personal or professional demands. A family member can initiate the arrangement if they believe it is best for the child to serve as their temporary guardian. A petitioner must file the form with the probate court to establish this relationship. Once the form is filed correctly and approved, the temporary guardian is responsible for caring for the child according to the specified terms. This legal tool offers peace of mind and ensures a stable environment for the child during the parent’s or guardian’s absence.

State Laws: Not mentioned.

Signing Requirements (§ 18-16-2(b)): To meet Rhode Island signing requirements, the petitioner must sign the form, a notary public must acknowledge the principal’s lawful signature, and the probate judge must also sign the document.