South Carolina Durable Power of Attorney Form


Download and complete the South Carolina Durable Power of Attorney to protect your investments, property, and other financial affairs should you be incapable of overseeing it yourself. A type of planning form, the POA is similar to the Health Care POA in that it is used by those of ill health (or who are protecting themselves should they be of ill health in the future).

While completing the form may take a short amount of time, the principal should put considerable thought into who they want their agent to be. A spouse is a common selection, along with siblings and children. Supplementary to being trustworthy, the agent should be someone who has a deep understanding of managing finances OR of your personal financial situation. Living in close proximity is also recommended, otherwise the agent would need to travel to where you live, which may be an inconvenience for said agent.


If you need to end the POA for any reason, you can use a revocation of power of attorney form for said task. Be sure to provide everyone that originally received a copy of the POA with the form to ensure they understand that the agent’s powers are no longer active.

Laws: § 62-8-104

Signing requirements (§ 62-8-105) – Needs to be signed by two (2) witnesses (who have viewed the principal’s signature).