South Dakota Limited Power of Attorney Form


A South Dakota limited power of attorney is created by a principal to have an authorized person represent them while completing financial, legal, or personal affairs. The appointed individual, or the agent, has a legal obligation to take care of the assignments provided in the document. If they cannot or do not wish to carry out the tasks, they must inform the principal immediately so that they can terminate the form.

Principals can encounter accidents, illnesses, or diseases that impair their cognitive ability. As a result, they cannot speak, accurately convey their thoughts, or use good judgment to make legal choices. In this case, a physician, licensed psychologist, judge, or government administrator makes an official note or completes a form explaining the individual’s incapacity. The paper signifies the end of the limited power of attorney, thus taking away the agent’s control.

Signing requirements (§ 59-12-4): The principal must have the document notarized.