South Dakota Limited Power of Attorney Form


A South Dakota limited power of attorney is initiated by a principal when they want an agent to represent them while completing financial or legal tasks. The responsibilities are typically needed once, which is different from other power of attorneys (e.g. medical and durable) that are long-lasting. This form terminates at the moment that the agent finishes the requests. A principal can also set an expiration date to ensure the agent completes the tasks by a certain time.

A limited power of attorney ends if the principal is in an accident or suffers from an illness that impacts their ability to make decisions for themselves. This includes any form of incapacitation, such as a traumatic brain injury or Alzheimer’s disease.

According to South Dakota law, the agreement ends when a person (appointed by the principal) confirms the principal’s mental condition. If a person has not been assigned, the duty must be carried out by a physician, licensed psychologist, judge, or government official (§ 59-12-8).

Signing requirements (§ 59-12-4) – Must be notarized.