South Dakota Vehicle Power of Attorney (MV-008)


A South Dakota motor vehicle power of attorney (Form MV-008) is used by a motor vehicle or boat owner to authorize a party of their choosing to handle transactions relating to the car or vessel. The person selected as the representative, or attorney, must clearly understand the assigned tasks(s). Before signing the form, the owner must discuss the duties with the attorney and list any specific instructions or special requirements.

Signing requirements: Must be signed AND notarized by the person(s) appointing the attorney.

What is a South Dakota Motor Vehicle POA?

A South Dakota motor vehicle power of attorney entrusts an individual to abide by the requests of a car owner. The form’s creator can appoint two (2) or more representatives, although it is more common to assign one (1) person. Either way, the power of attorney must include the full name of each person, their addresses, and their signatures.

The owner must carefully read and select the best option in Group 2. Checking the first box allows the attorney(s) to apply for a Certificate of Title at the Department of Revenue (DOR). The second box covers other matters, such as buying or selling the vehicle, requesting information about the car, or recording a lien.

If the owner selects the second box in Group 2, they must explain the responsibilities they want the attorney(s) to carry out. This conversation can happen verbally, or the owner can attach and sign a separate form outlining the duties. When creating an accompanying document, the owner should use specific language to ensure they do not give the attorney(s) too much power. Being clear and concise helps the attorney(s) understand their role and stay within boundaries.