Tennessee General Power of Attorney Form


Use the Tennessee General (Financial) Power of Attorney to empower someone you know and trust (the “Agent”) to carry out financial tasks and decisions on your behalf. Being a non-durable form, it’s used when a person needs to have their finances managed in their absence. The person granting the power (the “Principal”) may be absent due to medical care, vacation, work, and so on. The principal may also use this form to delegate tasks they don’t have the time to complete.

When using one of these forms, it’s extremely important that the principal selects an agent that they trust. Because the agent will have access to their bank accounts, property, government programs, and more, they can potentially cause severe damage to one’s finances if they had bad intentions.

This form contrasts with the durable POA. While both are very similar, this general POA automatically terminates (ends) if the principal loses their ability to make decisions (a state known as being “incapacitated”). Whereas the durable version would continue to remain in effect until the principal died, or was able to revoke the form.

Laws: Title 34, Chapter 6

Signing requirements: There are no signing requirements per Tennessee law. Having said, the principal should have their signature notarized (and witnessed by two (2) witnesses if possible) to ensure the document is viewed as valid.