Tennessee Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Tennessee limited power of attorney is a document containing personal or business tasks that a principal has assigned to an agent. The duties must be completed by the expiration date (if one has been assigned). As soon as the responsibilities are carried out, the agent no longer has authority as the form terminates. However, termination can occur before these events take place if the principal fills out a Tennessee revocation power of attorney.

Like a general power of attorney, this form is not durable. This means that it does not last if the principal cannot think for themselves (after an injury or illness) or if they pass away.

As long as the document is active, the agent must closely follow the requests of the principal. The agent must also use their best judgment when acting for the principal. Since this form legally allows an agent to make decisions for a principal, the person must be reliable and trustworthy. For this reason, it is common for business partners, close friends, or family members to be chosen.

Signing requirements: Not specified in statutes.