Tennessee Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney


A Tennessee motor vehicle power of attorney (Form RV-F1311401) is a legal document that a vehicle owner or business (the affiant) completes to empower an individual or business (the attorney-in-fact) to approve transactions and sign paperwork for the car. The form limits the attorney-in-fact’s power as it only allows them to carry out tasks permitted by the vehicle owner. When completing the motor vehicle power of attorney, the owner must check the box that best represents the requested duty.

Once signed, the document gives the attorney-in-fact permission to manage the sale of the vehicle or handle transactions at the Tennessee Department of Revenue (DOR). The DOR will only accept the form if each fillable blank contains the required information. The owner cannot edit or change the details after signing. If they need to alter the document, they must create a new motor vehicle power of attorney.

The vehicle owner can appoint a car dealer as their attorney-in-fact. If the dealer has not received the car’s original title from the owner, the designated person must complete a secured power of attorney (Form RV-1316901). This document is also essential as it satisfies requirements for the federal odometer disclosure. The state of Tennessee does not provide an electronic version of the form. Instead, the dealer must request the form by submitting an order request (Form RV-1318601) through a licensing office. The Vehicle Services Division will send a copy of the form to the listed address within two (2) weeks.

Signing requirements: Must be signed by the affiant (vehicle owner).