Utah Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Utah limited power of attorney is a form that allows a resident of Utah to give restricted, or special, power to another person. The creator of this document is referred to as the “principal”, whereas the person completing the tasks is called the “agent”, or the “attorney-in-fact.” This type of form is used for one-time duties rather than reoccurring tasks. Examples include financial transactions, managing personal property, or signing legal forms on behalf of a principal. Whenever the agent is representing the principal, they must be able to show the signed limited power of attorney.

When the principal assigns the duties, they must be very specific so that the agent is clear on their role. The agent must clarify any questions before carrying out the tasks as they are liable for their actions. A responsible and trustworthy adult must represent the principal so that they do not abuse their power.

This form is not long-lasting, like a durable power of attorney, as it ends if the principal becomes incapacitated. Other reasons for its termination include the fulfillment of tasks, reaching its expiration date, or the principal canceling the document.

Signing requirements (§ 75-9-105): Signed by a notary public.