Utah Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form


A Utah motor vehicle power of attorney is used by the document’s creator (the vehicle owner) to grant an individual the authority to oversee car-related matters. The person exercising power is referred to as the agent, whereas the vehicle owner is called the principal. When representing the principal during a private sale or at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the agent must have a copy of the signed form. The form only permits the agent to make decisions or sign documents as requested by the principal. The agent must stick to the set guidelines, as they are responsible for decisions that do not align with the principal’s wishes. An agent can submit paperwork to request a new or duplicate registration and title or transfer the title.

The form expires under the following circumstances: 1) the agent completes the requested duties, 2) the document has reached its termination date, 3) the principal creates a new motor vehicle power of attorney, or 4) the principal ends the agreement by filling out a Utah revocation power of attorney. If the principal revokes the document, all copies become null. The DMV voids the form in this situation, which removes the agent’s power. The principal must write a new motor vehicle power of attorney if they need to edit the information or select a new agent. Once created and signed, the vehicle owner must file the new form with the DMV.

Signing requirements: It is recommended that a Notary Public sign the form.