Virginia Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


The Virginia Minor Child Power of Attorney allows parents to overcome the obstacle that is presented when they are temporarily unable to provide their child or children with the care they require. Parents and guardians can take advantageous of this legal option by assigning an Agent to their child/ren who will take over specific parental or guardianship responsibilities for them when any of the situations they have detailed in the form eventuate. For example, they may grant the Agent the powers to perform acts such as school pick-up, signing relevant forms, and taking their child/ren to the hospital in circumstances such as when they are too busy with work, injured, or overseas.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (VA Code § 64.2-1603) – It is compulsory for the Virginia Minor Child Power of Attorney form to be acknowledged. The acknowledgement can be given by a party such as a Notary Public. Along with ensuring this requirement is met, the parents/guardians must sign the form, or direct a trusted individual to sign it on their behalf in their conscious presence.