Virginia Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VSA 70)


A Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney (Form VSA-70) is used to bestow power onto an individual so they can manage vehicle-related matters for the owner, or grantor. The form allows the individual, or the attorney-in-fact, to perform duties that the grantor could do if present. The responsibilities often involve the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). An attorney-in-fact is typically in charge of completing and signing paperwork to transfer the title, obtaining a new certificate of title and registration, or requesting a duplicate title.

The appointed individual can handle or manage the buying or selling of the car for the owner. When taking care of the sale, the attorney-in-fact must stay organized and keep all paperwork involved in the deal, including receipts. The owner can request that the assigned person handle their money. In this case, the attorney-in-fact must reimburse or request money from the grantor, depending on the situation.

According to Virginia state law, including false information in the form is a crime. Therefore, the document’s creator should carefully read each line when completing it. Before signing, the owner must review each selection or answer. Similarly, the attorney-in-fact must understand the reason(s) their services have been requested. The assigned person must know how to carry out each task and clarify questions or concerns before performing the actions.

Signing requirements: The vehicle owner must sign the form.