Vermont Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The legal framework provided by a Vermont Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney (POA) form makes the process of electing an Agent to oversee an individual’s personal and/or business related financial affairs an accessible and streamlined process. The individual (the Principal), may execute this POA whenever they require it, provided that they are a) in a capable state at the time of drafting and executing it, and b) recognize the implications of enacting a durable type of POA. That is, the Principal must understand that their future incapacity will not influence the Agent’s ability to exercise any authority they have been granted.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements (14 V.S.A. § 3503) – The state of Vermont mandates that a Durable Power of Attorney must be:

  1. Signed by the Principal,
  2. Signed in the presence of at least one (1) witness, and
  3. Acknowledged before a Notary Public.

It is optional for:

  • The Principal to direct another individual to sign the document on their behalf in their presence.
  • The Agent to sign the form.