Vermont Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Vermont limited power of attorney is a legal document that allows a Vermont resident (the “principal”) to assign another person (the “agent”) various duties on their behalf. The agent is accountable for carrying out the tasks as desired by the principal. Typical responsibilities include one-time activities, such as hiring or firing an employee or cashing a check. As soon as these duties have been fulfilled, the form terminates thus taking away the agent’s authority. The principal can also set an expiration date or sign a Vermont revocation power of attorney to remove the agent’s power.

A durable power of attorney enables an agent to make any decision for the principal (even if they become incapacitated). This type of form is different as it is used for very specific tasks. For example, a principal who needs an agent to pick up a package at the post office would complete this document. When acting in place of the principal, the agent must prove that they have been granted permission by presenting the signed limited power of attorney.

Signing requirements (14 V.S.A. § 3503(1)): One (1) witness and a notary public must be present.