Vermont Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form


A Vermont motor vehicle power of attorney is a form that allows an agent to take care of administrative tasks and legal responsibilities for a vehicle owner’s car, truck, or van. The vehicle owner, also known as the principal, must list the duties to be completed by the agent. By taking on the “agent” role, the assigned person agrees to adhere to all instructions provided by the principal. In other words, this person cannot make unauthorized decisions.

Signing requirements: One (1) witness must sign the form to acknowledge the principal’s signature.

What is a Vermont Motor Vehicle POA?

A Vermont motor vehicle power of attorney states that an elected party has the rights and privileges to make decisions for a principal who cannot be in attendance. The chosen individual may have to attend appointments, meetings, or other gatherings for the owner. In addition, they may have to make phone calls to dealerships, buyers, sellers, insurance companies, or any other relevant party.

The document states precisely what the agent needs to do, and how long they have to accomplish it. They must use caution when acting in the owner’s place to make sure they do not make wrongful decisions that could have a negative impact. The agent takes responsibility for these choices, which can sometimes result in legal action.

To prevent this situation from occurring, both parties must take time to discuss their roles before signing. The agent must make sure they ask questions and clarify confusion to guarantee a successful deal. This step becomes especially important if the task involves money when buying or selling a car. Each person must have a clear plan for reimbursement as needed. For example, the owner could request the agent to provide them with receipts after a sale.