West Virginia General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


A West Virginia general power of attorney (for finances), once signed, entrusts a person with decision-making power of another person’s finances. Signing forms, managing banks accounts, and many other finance-related tasks can be handled with the form. The document is NOT durable. This makes it so the form will automatically be revoked if the principal were to become unresponsive or unable to communicate their own decisions.

Why use it?

The form is really popular for those that will be heading out of the country or who need to delegate their busy lifestyle to someone they can trust (like a secretary, family member, or close friend). Because the document grants sweeping powers (unlike a limited/special power of attorney), it gives the agent access to pretty much everything related to the principal’s finances.

LawsCh. 39B

Signing Requirements

Statute 39B-1-105 requires the form to be 1) signed by the person completing it, and 2) notarized. It doesn’t have to be signed by the agent to be binding.