West Virginia Limited Power of Attorney Form

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A West Virginia limited power of attorney grants a third party (the “agent”) permission to act on behalf of a West Virginia resident (the “principal”). This form lasts for a limited, or short, period of time in comparison to other types of power of attorneys. It is used for highly specific tasks, such as managing a principal’s finances or taking care of their work-related responsibilities. The key differentiator of this form is that the duties occur one-time and it expires once they have been completed. The principal can also fill out a West Virginia revocation document to deem it null.

A limited power of attorney is typically not used for long-term or health-related choices. Instead, medical or durable forms are completed for these needs. Similarly, financial-related matters are handled under a general power of attorney. The designated agent must always be someone who is trusted to carry out the duties as desired by the principal. For this reason, a principal commonly appoints a family member, business partner, or close friend.

Signing requirements (§ 39B-1-105) – Notarization mandatory.