West Virginia Medical Power of Attorney Form

The West Virginia Medical Power of Attorney is a legal form that is wholly compliant with the provisions contained within the West Virginia Health Care Decisions Act. This Act was designed to bolster the rights of any who finds themselves hospitalized due to a serious medical condition. Specifically, by recognizing any valid Medical Power of Attorney created by a patient before they entered into a state of disability or incapacity, a patient is given the means of communicating and protecting their own health care decisions after they enter such a mental and physical state.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – West Virginia Health Care Decisions Act

Signing Requirements (§ 16-30-4) – It is a state law requirement that in order for a Medical Power of Attorney form to be lawfully executed, the following must be held true:

  • The Principal must execute, date, and sign the form,
  • They must do so in the presence of two (2) or more qualified witnesses, and
  • The witnesses must sign and attest the Medical Power of Attorney before a Notary Public.