West Virginia Vehicle Power of Attorney (DMV-9-TR)


A West Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney (Form DMV-9-TR) is a one-page fillable form created by a vehicle owner to assign an individual tasks relating to a car, trailer, or boat. The individual, referred to as the agent, can manage responsibilities such as transferring the title, applying for a new or duplicate title and registration, or disclosing the odometer reading. By taking on the “agent” role, the appointed person can perform duties that the vehicle owner would otherwise be able to do themselves if they were present. Since the form gives the agent limited power, they can only perform the duties assigned by the owner.

As soon as the owner completes and signs the form, they must file it with the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV keeps the document in their records until the owner cancels the form or creates a new version. A motor vehicle power of attorney expires once the agent finishes the assigned tasks or the owner fills out a revocation power of attorney. All copies of the form terminate if the owner nullifies the original document.

Signing requirements: Vehicle, trailer, or boat owner must sign the form.