Wyoming Advance Healthcare Directive (Medical POA)


A Wyoming Advance Healthcare Directive (Medical Power of Attorney) is a form filled out and signed by a person looking to designate a representative (the “agent”) over their health care matters. The form combines elements from both a medical POA and a living will. By completing the form, the principal establishes how they would like to be treated medically AND the person who will be communicating their wishes. The agent selected should be personally close to the principal, such as a trusted family member or friend. The only requirement is that the agent cannot be someone that provides healthcare to the principal. A feature of the form is that the principal can decide to make the agent’s power effective once the form is signed, or after they become incapacitated (unable to communicate), the latter being called a “springing” power of attorney.

LawsTitle 35, Ch. 22, Article 4 “Wyoming Health Care Decisions Act”

Signing Requirements (§ 35-22-403) – Has to be signed by a notary public OR be signed by 2 witnesses.