Wyoming General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


A Wyoming general power of attorney is a legal form that can be used by anyone over the age of eighteen (18) to give a trusted individual with the right to carry out financial related tasks. Signing a legal form, investing money, withdrawing money from a bank account, and other tasks can all be assigned using a general POA. To make the contract official, the person completing it has to sign the form in view of a notary public. This can be done online or through an in-person notary. Notaries can be found in UPS stores, banks, libraries, and other official locations.

A person would opt for using a general POA instead of a durable or limited if they are 1) not looking to have the form remain active in the event something happens to them (such as being in a coma), and 2) they want their agent to have broad and sweeping powers relating to their financial life. Because the document grants a considerable amount of power, the principal (person completing the form) should ONLY use it if they truly trust their agent.

LawsTitle 3, Chapter 9 “Uniform Power of Attorney Act”