Wyoming Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Wyoming limited power of attorney is a legal form that allows an agent to represent a principal while they carry out requested duties. This document is unique because it includes responsibilities that occur once rather than many times. For instance, a principal would fill out this form when handling a minor need relating to areas like finances, real estate, or child care. The principal needs to be specific when writing the tasks so that the agent can clearly understand what they are being asked to accomplish. If the principal feels that the agent is not complying with their wishes or no longer needs the duties fulfilled then they can remove power by completing a Wyoming revocation form.

A limited power of attorney is unique because it is used to assign short-lasting duties and ends if the principal is no longer able to make decisions on their own or passes away. A general power of attorney is also similar as it terminates under these circumstances. However, it is not durable and the tasks last longer and pertain to financial matters only. This type of form is not typically used for choices relating to a principal’s health as a medical power of attorney is most often selected in this case.

Signing Requirements (§ 3-9-105): Must be notarized.