Wyoming Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Comprised of details about the child care duties an Agent, such as a grandparent or other trusted adult, will perform on their behalf, a Wyoming Minor Child Power of Attorney can be completed by parents or guardians who require temporary relief from one or more parental or guardianship responsibilities. This legal agreement allows parents or guardians to easily respond to a variety of situations that may arise at any time that would make taking care of their child/ren difficult, if not impossible. 

Additional Considerations

As aforementioned, there are numerous situations in which a Minor Child Power of Attorney can be useful. For example, parents or guardians can use this form to authorize their Agent to step in for them if an unexpected emergency ever arises. They may also wish to use it to make arrangements for situations they can predict may occur at some point, such as being required to attend a conference in another city that they cannot bring their child/ren along to. 

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements – State laws do not provide any signing requirements necessary specifically for the Power of Attorney arrangements that concern children. Parents and guardians are strongly advised to sign the form before a Notary Public and, if possible, two (2) witnesses as well.