Nevada Quit Claim Deed Form


Download the Nevada Quit Claim Deed to transfer property to a family member, close friend, or similar party. Unlike a warranty deed⁠—which usually requires guidance from a lawyer⁠—a quit claim deed is simple enough to be filled out by the Grantor (property owner) themself. It should be kept in mind that buyer protection is non-existent with the deed type, so it should only be used by related or closely acquainted parties who have already ruled out the possibility of any conflicting property claims.

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)

Laws: NRS 111.312


Mandatory Information (NRS 111.312): For the form to be recorded, it must include the following information:

    • The Grantee’s mailing address,
    • The name and address of the party that all documents should be mailed to, and
    • The assessor’s parcel number must be evident at the top left corner of the first page (in cases where the assessor has assigned a parcel number to the property).

Language to Avoid (NRS 111.170): The words “grant, bargain and sell” are only to be included in Warranty Deeds, so should therefore not be included in the form.

Signing Requirements (NRS 111.105): Per state law, the Grantor is obligated to sign the deed in view of a Notary Public.

Declaration of Value (DOV): Must be completed and filed alongside the quit claim deed.

Download: Declaration of Value.pdf

Cover Page / Sheet: In addition to the DOV, the Grantor must attach a cover sheet to the completed deed.

View county-specific cover sheets

How to File

As established by NV law, the deed must be recorded in the Office of the Recorder. The recorder’s office must belong in the same county that the property is located in. Any filing fees will be the responsibility of the filer (Grantor) to pay. Both a Nevada Declaration of Value form and a county-specific recording page must be filed along with the completed deed.

Cover Pages / Sheets

A recording cover page/sheet must be placed on top of the deed in order for it to be filed. Each county’s page/sheet may vary, so it is important for the correct one to be used. The following are the county-specific forms for all sixteen (16) of Nevada’s counties:

CountyCover Page
Clark CountyClark County Recording Cover Sheet
Churchill CountyNot available
Douglas CountyDouglas County Recording Cover Sheet
Elko CountyElko County Recording Cover Sheet
Esmeralda CountyEsmeralda County Recording Cover Page with Affirmation Statement
Eureka CountyEureka County Recording County Title Page
Humboldt CountyHumboldt County Recording Cover Sheet
Lander CountyNot available
Lincoln CountyLincoln County Recording Cover Page
Lyon CountyLyon County Recording Cover Page
Mineral CountyMineral County Recording Cover Page
Nye CountyNye County Recording Cover Page
Pershing CountyNot available
Storey CountyNot available
White Pine CountyWhite Pine County Recording Cover Page
Washoe CountyWashoe County Recording Cover Page