New Mexico Quit Claim Deed Form


The New Mexico Quit Claim Deed, also known as a “Non-Warranty Deed”, is a legally-binding contract that allows a party to give up (“quit”) their interest in real property. Due to the contract not offering any protections for the Grantee(s) (those receiving the property), it is mostly used between family members, close friends, and divorcing couples. When drawn up for use among family, the amount of consideration (payment) is usually a nominal amount such as one dollar ($1.00).

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)

Laws: Section 47-1-30


Signing (Section 47-1-44): State law requires that the deed be acknowledged by a Notary Public.

Property Transfer Affidavit (Section 7-38-12.1): Due to property tax related requirements, the transferor (Grantor), the transferee (Grantee), or either of their respective agents may be required to file a property transfer affidavit with the county assessor. The affidavit must be completed, signed, and filed within thirty (30) days of when the deed is filed.

Download: Property Transfer Affidavit.pdf

How to File

In accordance with Section 14-9-1, the deed must be filed and recorded in the office of the County Clerk. The county clerk used must belong in the SAME COUNTY where the property is located. The person filing the form will need to take care of any fees the county clerk charges for the act of recording it. He or she may also need to file a property transfer affidavit (above) with the county assessor.