Kansas Small Estate Affidavit (Form 59-1507b)

The Kansas Small Estate Affidavit (Form 59-1507b), also known as the “Affidavit Transferring Certain Personal Property in Estates,” is a legal form used when a loved one passes away with a total estate value of $40,000 or less, and the family of the deceased is looking to collect the property/assets that are in the possession of another individual or an entity (such as a bank). The party that completes the document is known as the “affiant”, with the individual that died being classified as the “decedent.”

The two-page form is provided by the Kansas Judicial Council and must be completed by a party who believes they have a rightful claim to the estate (the affiant), and be sworn and subscribed by a Notary Public in order to be valid.

Laws & Required Conditions

Laws: § 59-1507b

Maximum Estate Value: $40,000

Required Conditions: A Kansas Small Estate Affidavit (Form 59-1507b) can be utilized by a successor in cases where the deceased individual died without leaving a will.

According to § 59-1507b, the Affidavit is “deemed sufficient if in substantial compliance with the form set forth by the judicial council.” That is, all required sections of the form must be completed and subsequently notarized by a Notary Public.