Utah Small Estate Affidavit

The Utah Small Estate Affidavit, also named the “Affidavit for Collecting Personal Property in a Small Estate Proceeding,” is offered by the state of Utah as a speedier alternative to access the small estate of a Decedent than a drawn-out probate process. The small estate must only comprise of the Decedent’s personal property⁠—such as money in a bank account and tangible objects⁠—of which is permitted to amount to a maximum value of $100,0000.

Laws & Required Conditions

Laws: From §§ 75-3-1201 to 75-3-1204

Maximum Estate Value: $100,000

Required Conditions: Utah state law dictates a handful of mandatory conditions that the claiming Successor must abide by, that is, the fact that:

  • It has already been at least thirty (30) days since the Decedent’s death,
  • A personal representative is not currently involved in the administration of the estate,
  • A petition for the appointment of a personal representative does not exist, and
  • In line with state laws, the claiming Successor is warranted to pursue the estate.