Arkansas Trailer Bill of Sale Form


An Arkansas trailer bill of sale form puts negotiations in writing for a deal involving a carrying platform. The document contains the price and how the buyer plans to compensate the current owner. It also holds the seller accountable for the information provided therein. For example, it confirms their ownership and verifies the trailer does not have any outstanding loans. If it has a lien, the merchant must contact the lienholder and/or make the proper arrangements for selling.

What is an Arkansas Trailer Bill of Sale?

An Arkansas trailer bill of sale is a document completed by two (2) parties before transferring a trailer. It references how the transaction will happen and verifies the swap. If additional terms apply to the sale, the document’s writer must include them in the appropriate section.

The buyer and seller do not need to fill out every section, although it helps to validate the sale further. Most importantly, they must include their contact information, a brief description of the trailer, and the selling price. A bill of sale is not valid unless it has a signature from each person.

How to Register a Trailer (3 Steps)

Review the listed steps for registering a utility or boat trailer in Arkansas.

Step 1 – Make an Appointment

Contact a nearby revenue office to make an appointment. Registration requirements can vary by county. Therefore, registrars should voice questions and concerns to the agent on the phone beforehand. By doing so, the individual ascertains they bring the correct paperwork and payment.

Step 2 – Provide Documentation 

The registrar must have the completed and signed forms when visiting the revenue office. The staff will review the documents and collect the payment, which the owner must submit in full.

Bring the Following:

Step 3 – Renew

Renewals must occur before the trailer registration expires. Residents must visit their local revenue office to resubmit the required paperwork and fees. Individuals with a permanent registration do not need to renew as their sticker does not expire.