Arizona General Bill of Sale Form


An Arizona general bill of sale form consolidates the details of a negotiation between two (2) entities. The person (or company) named “the seller” gives an item to “the buyer” (or customer) in exchange for cash or trade. When possible, the buyer and seller should use the form that best represents the sale item. For example, both parties should use the jet ski bill of sale when exchanging a jet ski. If the item does not fit into a pre-created category, they should use a general (or generic) bill of sale. Furthermore, using this document when trading jewelry, articles from deceased relatives, relics, and other similar objects would be appropriate.

Signing Requirements: Both parties (the buyer and seller) need to sign.

What is an Arizona General Bill of Sale?

An Arizona general bill of sale delineates the transfer of goods or property from one person to another. It provides the history of ownership by naming the seller and including their personal information. The document also serves as a record of the condition and value of the object when the sale happened.

Dealerships often use the state’s bill of sale form or create their own. On the other hand, private sellers generally download the document since they have fewer regulations. Regardless of the transaction type, the merchant and purchaser must ensure they complete all the required documents to prove ownership and/or register the personal property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers to frequently asked questions for Arizona bill of sale forms.

1. How to Write a Bill of Sale in Arizona

Each bill of sale document conforms to the item transferred between the buyer and seller. Both parties should first determine the unique identifiers of the property before filling out the form. For example, the previous owner of a video game console would include its make and model. However, individuals selling jewelry would comment on the carats (if applicable), the color, chain type, and other relevant information.

In addition to describing the object, both parties should provide their contact information to record the deal. They should also outline the payment method and type to prove the buyer paid the seller. Lastly, each person involved must sign before making the exchange, thus verifying the deal.

2. Is a Bill of Sale Required in Arizona?

Buyers and sellers do not need to complete a bill of sale in Arizona. Nonetheless, since it serves as proof of the agreement and the rightful change of ownership, both parties should highly consider filling it out.

3. Does an Arizona Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized?

A notary public must witness the seller’s signature when completing an Arizona motor vehicle bill of sale. Note that the buyer and seller do not need to fill out a bill of sale document for a car. However, if they do, it requires notarization. Otherwise, Arizona bill of sale forms do not need approval from a licensed individual.

4. How Many Witnesses are Needed on an Arizona Bill of Sale?

Witnesses do not need to observe the buyer or seller sign a bill of sale in Arizona. The individuals involved can choose to have a witness sign the form if they wish to do so. This action further authenticates the document as someone else can attest to the signing, although it only matters if legal accusations or court cases ensue after the transaction.