Kentucky Trailer Bill of Sale Form


A Kentucky trailer bill of sale form conveys the workings between two (2) individuals. Both parties discuss how to carry out the transfer before completing the document. Once they settle the terms, they use the bill of sale to transcribe their negotiation. More specifically, the form defines the carrying platform through its make, model, year, and value. The buyer owes the amount listed and must compensate the seller using the requested payment method.

  • Statutes: KRS Chapter 186A
  • Signing Requirements: The person buying and the person selling the trailer must sign.

What is a Kentucky Trailer Bill of Sale?

A Kentucky trailer bill of sale thoroughly describes the happenings of a business operation. The buyer, seller, and co-owners are responsible for completing the document with precision. Neither party can provide false information. If they do, the state can hold them liable, penalize them, and/or sentence them to jail time, depending on the severity of the situation.

How to Title a Trailer 

Following a trailer purchase, the new owner has fifteen (15) days to bring the paperwork to the county clerk’s office for titling. The state only requires registration for commercial trailers. Privately owned and operated carrying platforms do not need registering. Personal use includes carrying boats, farming equipment, animals, baggage, or other related items.

Sellers who previously registered their trailer must sign over the title to the buyer. The new owner must bring the signed title to their local county clerk’s office to transfer it into their name. If the trailer comes from a state that requires registration and titling, the registrar can present either document as proof of ownership. The out-of-state registration and/or title requires signatures and notarization.

Generally, the individual must provide the following to the county clerk: 1) the signed title, 2) photo ID, and 3) the owner’s social security or federal employer ID number. New or out-of-state trailers without a title or registration require the applicant to provide additional information. They must present a completed application (Form TC 96-184) and proof of the sale. If they purchased the carrier at a dealer, they must also prove they paid the mandatory 6% Kentucky sales tax. The title lasts until the owner passes away or sells the unit.