Office Cleaning Invoice Template

An office cleaning invoice is a one (1) page document used for breaking down the service costs that resulted from the one-time or scheduled cleaning of an office room, floor, or entire building. Professional janitors commonly come during late-night hours to clean due to all workers and visitors being absent from the premises. Janitors commonly charge on a per-hour basis, but can also charge on a per-task basis if preferred. Regardless of the method of billing, one can use the invoice below to make an official request for payment.

Office cleaning checklist.pdf – used for going step-by-step through an entire office or office building; prevents the cleaner from missing areas or cleaning the same spot twice.

Common Office Cleaning Tasks

  • Emptying trash from all offices, restrooms, and common areas;
  • Replenishing soap, towels, tissues, napkins, and any other disposable items;
  • Washing + polishing mirrors;
  • Dust all partitions, door frames, desks, and other furniture;
  • Mop / vacuum all floors; and
  • Sanitize sinks, water fountains, and other high-use areas.