Construction Invoice Template

The Construction Invoice Template is a document that is sent to a customer to bill for both the labor and materials purchased during a job. The invoice can be used in both commercial and residential sectors and can be used to give the buyer a rough quote of what to expect to pay as well as an official request of payment once the work is completed. In addition to the PDF and Excel formats having automatically calculating fields, all four formats below are completely editable to meet whatever unique needs a construction company may have.

Included in the Construction Invoice

  • Areas to specify both the seller and buyer’s contact information
  • Tables for labor and product expenses
  • Spot for specifying the invoice due date
  • Comment box for special requests and payment details

How to Write in PDF and Word

Step 1 – Download

Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 2 – Company Information

At the top of the document, enter the following regarding the construction company:

  • Company Name
  • Company Street
  • City, State, and ZIP
  • Fax Number
  • Phone Number
  • Company Email
  • Website

Step 3 – Client Contact Info

For the “Bill To” section, enter the subsequent points:

  • Invoice Number
  • Date (Issued to Client)
  • Customer ID (if applicable)
  • Full Client Name
  • Client Address
  • City, State, ZIP, Country
  • Phone Number

Step 4 – Materials / Products

In the Products area, starting on the left, enter the number of Items Purchased to complete the job, a brief Description of each, the Price per item, and the Total amount per type of product purchased. Repeat this for all of the items needed during the project

Step 5 – Labor

For the Labor section, start by entering the number of Hours worked during each task, a short Description of the task, the Hourly Rate for each job, followed by the Total cost of each task in the Amount column.

Step 6 – Finishing Up

Total up the Amount column for both the Products and Labor tables, add any Sales Tax, and put the resulting value into the TOTAL field. Enter any Comments or Payment Instructions into the text box, such as accepted payments or job notes, then enter the number of Days until the invoice is due. The Construction Invoice is now complete and should be delivered to the tenant on the date specified in Step 3.

Sample Template