Freelance Consultant Invoice Template

Download the Freelance Consultant Invoice Template, a billing statement used for charging individuals or businesses that received expert advice on a specific or wide range of matters. Consultants commonly bill by the hour, and provide a set hourly to their clients. For more intensive or hands on services, consultants may decide to offer varying rates. In the modern day, many consultants are opting to provide their services via video call. This not only allows them to remain in the comfort of their home/office, but reduces the time and cost required for commuting.


What is a Freelance Consultant?

Freelance consultants are independent contractors hired by companies or organizations to provide solutions to problems. They can be viewed as a consulting firm comprised of one person. The provider can be an expert in one or many business niches. The advantage of hiring a third-party consultant is that they bring a fresh perspective into problem-solving situations.

How Much do Freelance Consultants Charge?

The national average rate is $35 per hour, which is roughly $67,200 per year. Depending on their level of expertise, the person or company they’re working with, and the importance of the job, rates can fluctuate significantly higher. The top-earning consultants charge around $83 per hour, which equates to roughly $159,360 annually.

How to Become a Freelance Consultant

Becoming a consultant requires a mix of networking, experience, and credentials. Most freelancers start their career by finding a business niche in which they’re an expert. It’s good practice for freelancers to form an LLC to protect personal assets and legitimize their practice.

The goal is to connect with as many potential clients as possible, which can be done by reaching out to former employers, colleagues, and anyone who could benefit from a consultant’s advice. Over time, one should steadily build a network of contacts through which they can find work and gain positive testimonials, improving their credentials.

Once they have proven that they’re reliable and effective, it’ll be considerably easier for them to find clients; and they can raise their hourly rate to reflect the value of their work.