Freelance Invoice Template

A freelance invoice template is a bill issued by freelancers and part-time professionals for the purpose of providing an organized breakdown of the total amount a client is required to pay for services received. The term “freelancer” can include essentially anyone that offers their services on a need basis (not on salary). Common professions that work on a freelance-basis include writers, developers/programmers, graphic designers, proofreaders, transcriptionists, and careers that have an online or digital focus.

How to Write in PDF and Word

Before heading to the first step, download the invoice in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 1 – Issuing Company/Freelancer Details

Under the main ‘Freelance Invoice’ header, either enter the name of the freelance company. In the proceeding table, enter all applicable company contact details. If there is no company name, enter the details of the individual freelancer instead.

Step 2 – Client Information

For the ‘Bill To’ section, enter a unique invoice number designated for the bill, the name of the person/entity being billed, their address, the date the invoice will be issued, and the client’s phone number.

Step 3 – Billed Services

Next, enter the services that were rendered for the customer. Start with a brief description of each individual charge. Then, input the number of hours it took to complete each billed item and the hourly rate of each (in most cases the rate will stay the same for all charges). In the PDF version, the “Amount” column will automatically multiply the number of hours and rate. Where it says ‘Sales Tax,’ enter the corresponding tax for the state in which the services are being provided.

Step 4 – Comments & Terms

At the bottom of the document, enter any comments or instructions for the customer. Things to write include the payment terms, where to send the payment, a personal thank-you to the customer, or a correction to a listed expense (after printing it out). Directly below the comment box, specify the number of days the client has to pay the invoice in full. With the completion of the fourth (4th) step, the invoice will be ready to be electronically or physically delivered to the customer.

How to Write in Excel

Step 1 – Download

Download the invoice in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

Step 2 – Freelancer Info

Enter the name of the freelancing company or the full name of the freelancer if no company name exists. Proceed by entering the freelancer or company’s Contact Information in the provided fields.

Step 3 – Client Info

Underneath the “Bill To” header, enter the client’s contact information and service details, which includes the client’s full name, street address, phone number, invoice number (unique for every invoice), and the date the invoice was sent.

Step 4 – The Charges

In the table, enter the service(s) that were provided for the client. Start with a short statement for each service provided, the number of hours it took to complete each task, and the hourly rate of each service. The “Amount” column should appear automatically so only numbers were entered in the hourly rate and hours fields.

Step 5 – Adding It Up

Enter the state sales tax (as a percentage). The TOTAL invoice will then appear. Enter any instructions or comments for the client followed by the number of days the client has to pay the invoice in full.