Freelance Graphic Designer Invoice Template

The Freelance Graphic Designer Invoice Template makes it easy to bill clients that received custom designs, logos, and any other computer-designed visual art. When billing companies or individuals for graphic design, freelancers can charge on a per-graphic basis or per the number of hours they dedicate to each job. Whatever the method used, the invoice can be used to provide clients with a professional, clean bill that clearly outlines the terms of payment and the services provided.

How to Get into Freelance Graphic Design

Graphic design as a trade requires both technical skill and creativity. There are many high-quality design software platforms that are reasonably priced. Get familiar with the terminology of the industry. Dive into the different software programs one uses to create designs. While the software may be overwhelming at first, after time using it will become second-nature.

Being skilled on the technical side of graphic design requires no college degree as there are hours of tutorial content on the internet for free. The creative aspect of the profession is quite different, however. Many successful designers studied art in college, but there are alternative methods for becoming a better creator. Become familiar with the Principles of Design and study the methodologies of successful artists and graphic designers.

Anyone can become one, but it takes time and effort to learn both the technical and creative skills involved. It’s recommended that freelancers of any kind form an LLC. This protects their personal assets and legitimizes their practice. The logo of their LLC is an opportunity for graphic designers to show their skill and creativity.

Start by taking simple design work. The pay may be low, but the experience is very valuable. It’s important for graphic designers to build their confidence and their resume as they move up the ranks of the industry. Over time, the designer will attract clients with their distinct style and positive reviews earned from previous clients.

How Much to Charge Per Hour

The earnings of a graphic designer are based on their competence, creativity, and the complexity of their work. The average graphic designer makes about $45,677 per year, at roughly $16.50 per hour. Hourly rates go up when designers create designs for high-profile clients, or when the quality of the designer’s work is distinguished for its excellence.