Google Sheets Invoice Templates

The Google Sheets (and Docs) Invoice Templates utilize Google Drive’s user-friendly and free platform, making them the perfect guides for creating orderly, useable invoices ready to send to clients. All five (5) versions below are fully editable once copied into a Google Drive Account. A few of the fields and features that the invoices include are: tables to list out charges, auto-calculating fields, note areas for payment instructions, and fields for the contact information of both the seller and provider, to name a few.

Below are the download links to 5 Google Sheets Invoice Templates. To aid in selection, a brief description of each invoice has been included as well.

Simple (Blank) Invoice

The Simple Invoice is just as it sounds. With limited color, basic fields, and a minimalist design, the Simple Invoice is ready to be customized to a company’s theme, or left alone to appear clean and professional. For formats in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or Excel, visit the Blank Invoice page.

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Sales + Service Invoice

This version should be used by companies or workers that need to be reimbursed for materials that were purchased or sold to a client in addition to service(s) that were rendered to the client as well. Examples of professions that should use this invoice are Mechanics, Contractors, Landscapers, Photographers, and HVAC Workers.

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Sales Invoice

Use the Sales Invoice if a company is selling a product to their customers. Examples of who would use this invoice include Retail companies, Salesman, Online Merchants, and several others. Essentially, anyone that requires payment for a good can utilize this invoice.

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Service Invoice

The Service Invoice should be used only when a service was conducted for the client. Some professions where this invoice is commonly used include Attorneys, Consultants, Medical Professionals, Graphic Designers, House Cleaners, and Artists. Click the link below to download the Service Invoice in Google Sheets.

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Shipping Invoice (Proforma)

The Shipping (Proforma) Invoice is very similar to the Sales + Product Invoice, with the major difference being that it is designed to be used with a company that also needs to ship goods to the customer or worksite. Out of the 4 invoices above, this is the most comprehensive. For formats in PDF (.pdf), Word (.docx), or Excel (.xlsx), visit the Proforma Invoice page.

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How to Download

Step 1 – Click either the green or blue button next to the invoice type that would like to be used. If the user is currently signed out of their Google Account, they will be brought to a screen that either says “Sign In” or “Choose an account”. If either of those screens are shown, head to Step 2. If the “Copy document” page appears, proceed to Step 4.

Step 2 – If “Choose an account” is displayed, select the Google Account that would like to be used to save the invoice, and proceed to the next step. If “Sign In” appears, enter the email address or phone number of the Google account that would like to be used. Once entered, click the “Next” button.

Step 3 – Enter the password for the Google Account and click the blue “Next” button. If the password is unknown, select “Forgot password?” to reset the password for the Google Account.

Step 4 – On the “Copy document” screen, click “Make a copy” to download the invoice to the user’s account.

Looking for a Simpler Invoice?

For those looking for an editable invoice in either PDF or Word, download the simple invoice – this form contains bare-essential fields and minimal colors and is ready to be customized to the preferences of the providing company, sole-practitioner, or freelancer.