Psychologist Invoice Template


A psychologist invoice is a document provided to clients after providing therapy, counseling, or mental-health-related care for the purpose of collecting payment. Psychologists typically charge by the hour and establish a payment schedule at the beginning of the provider-client relationship. It’s important that psychologists maintain their records in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act). This ensures the client (as well as their insurance company and doctor) can gain access to the information with the client’s permission.

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How to Become a Psychologist

Becoming a psychologist is an effort-intensive process, to say the least. An inspiring counselor must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, social work, or a related field. Then, they typically extend their education into a Master’s and Doctoral program. Following their 8 years of education, they will need to complete at least 1500 hours of experience through a 1-2 year supervised internship. After finishing their schooling and internship, they will take the official board examination to become a licensed and credentialed psychologist. At this point, they are able to legally care for patients on their own.

How Much do Psychologists Earn?

Each field of psychology pays differently. For example, a clinical psychologist makes about $76,990 per year. In comparison, a counselor that specializes in substance abuse and behavioral disorders makes about $44,160 each year. However, the median pay comes out to $85,340 per year when averaging all types. Years of experience and being self-employed can also play a large role in one’s salary.