Party Rental Invoice Template


party rental invoice is a printed document used for collecting payment for items that were rented for a family, corporate, school, or holiday event. It can be filled in online or printed and completed by hand. It lists all the goods and services provided, including the payment options and any special notes for the renters. Items are often rented on a per-day basis, with higher-cost items often being rented on an hourly basis.

Used for renting out common party items, including (but not limited to):

  • Tents
  • Tableware
  • Chairs
  • Food services
  • Lines
  • Inflatables

Average Party Rental Rates

The cost of rental items depends on the area of the country as well as the location in which the rental company is based. Graduation party season and holidays are often responsible for a large increase in the average going rate of rentals. In general, tables rent for $8-20, depending on the size. You can fit six (6) eight-foot tables under the tent, for total seating of forty-eight (48) guests. Chairs are rented for $2-4 each on average. If you decide to rent linens, they can be rented for anywhere from $1-25, depending on how large and how ornate they are. If you want to use real silverware for a fancier party, silverware can be rented for .$50-1.oo per service setting.

Large items carry a larger price tag. Bounce houses cost between $200-450, depending on the size and features. A photo booth will usually run around $350.

The delivery fee is a large part of rentals. In general, a delivery fee will cost about $80. But there will be an additional fee if you want the rental items delivered at a specific time, rather than just within a window of a few hours.