Room Rental Invoice Template


room rental invoice is a document sent to the renter of a single room a few days prior to the rent’s due date. It contains the amount due, when it needs to be paid by, and the room(s) the tenant is renting. Rooms are commonly rented on a short-term weekly or monthly basis. Rooms rented by the day often benefit by issuing a single invoice when the tenant is checking out.

Tips for renting out a room

Once you find a renter, take time to prepare the property. Determine which room you will be renting out and how much access to the rest of your house the renter will have. To this end, you may need to lock some rooms that you don’t want renters to have access to, and make sure the room you are renting out has a solid lock on it. Take all of the valuables you hold dear and keep them in a safe that is attached to the floor. Although you will obviously spend time vetting a new tenant, this is another layer of protection. And as you get your home situated for the renter, don’t forget to fix up all those little things that are broken. The bathroom door that sticks might not bother you at all, but if someone is paying to live there, they deserve to have working doors. Likewise, fix any plumbing problems and replace burned out lightbulbs so your new tenant will feel comfortable.

Once you find someone that you think would make a good match, take the time to run a credit check on him or her. This will give you valuable information about how your tenant deals with money and credit, and will give you the green light to know if they will be a good match for you. When you do choose a tenant, give them a paper copy of each invoice each week or month, in order to keep a paper trail. This is good for both of you in staying organized, ensuring prompt payment, and helping you both at tax time. (Speaking of taxes, you can deduct any expenses you incur in order to make the room nicer for your tenant. This could help your bottom line as you replace carpet, fix windows, and the like.)