Bakery Invoice Template

Download the Bakery Invoice Template to bill people and businesses for purchased baked godos after the goods have been provided. Unlike a receipt, an invoice is given to the client before everything has been paid for. It’s up to the bakery whether they want to allow their clients to pay immediately or after a certain time (commonly one week).

The invoice is relatively simple, and allows the bakery to enter the following information:

  • The name and contact info of the bakery;
  • The name and billing information of the client/customer;
  • The type, quantity, unit cost, and total price of each type of baked good sold;
  • The total amount owed (including tax and any other costs or fees);
  • When the payment is due; and
  • Any other notes or supplemental information the bakery would like to include.

Download: Adobe PDFMS Word (.docx)MS Excel (.xlsx)