Service Invoice Template

The Service Invoice Template is a document issued to a client by a service provider that lists out the services completed along with their costs. It records all pertinent information of both the company and the client and ensures both parties are clear on the terms and conditions. Included in the template are areas for the company’s information, the billed client’s name and contact information, a list of the services rendered (including the number of hours worked, the hourly rate, and the total amount for each service), an area to enter any notes regarding the invoice, and a spot to enter the number of days until the payment is due. To complete the Service Invoice in either PDF or Word, check out the how-to below.

How to Write in PDF & Word

Before heading to the first step, download the invoice in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 1 –  Enter the name of the company. Directly below, enter the address of the company, the company’s fax number (if applicable), the company website, and the email associated with the company or employee issuing the invoice.

Step 2 – Next, enter the information of the individual being billed for the services rendered. The customer’s invoice number, full name and address, their phone number, and finally the date in which the invoice was submitted will need to be entered.

Step 3 – The following section is where the details of the service(s) that were provided to the client are listed. Starting with the ‘Description’ column, enter a very brief depiction of what the service was. Moving to the ‘Hours’ column, enter the number of hours that were spent on each job. For the ‘$ / Hour’ column, enter the amount of money that is being charged to the customer per a single hour of service. Multiply the Hours by the ‘$ / Hour’ to calculate the value(s) for the ‘Amount’ column.

Step 4 – Sum the ‘Amount’ column and enter the result into the ‘Total Labor’ cell. Then, add on any Sales Tax and add this value to ‘Total Labor’ to calculate the ‘TOTAL’ invoice amount.

Step 5 – Below the table, enter any comments, notes, or special requests into the ‘Comments or Special Instructions’ box. Directly below the box, enter the number of days the client will have to pay the invoice before the full amount is due.