Coaching Invoice Template


A coaching invoice is a document used to bill clients for in-person, virtual, or phone sessions with a coach. Clients who seek coaching are typically looking to strengthen their skills and empower themselves to achieve their highest potential through a trained professional’s guidance and support. Health, professional, life, career, and business are just a few examples of coaching-related industries that may require an invoice.

The frequency of billing will depend upon the preferences of the coach and client at the beginning of their relationship; however, many coaches choose to charge either per session or in a bundle. When filling out this invoice, it is imperative that the number of sessions is stated, along with the corresponding dates, as well as the negotiated rate.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is when a coach guides the client towards their goals and visions. Clients make choices for themselves and carve their own paths in areas that they feel will help them to achieve their dreams. While a coach may have a strong educational background, they will never play an expert role in the relationship. Instead, they will guide the clients towards their own solutions.

How to Become a Coach

Each field of coaching has individual requirements. For example, a health coach must have a college degree, obtain and maintain a coaching certification, and gain working experience. A life coach, on the other hand, does not require formal education or certifications. The path for each career can differ and it is best to look into the standard practices of the specific type of coaching.