Hair Stylist Invoice Template


A hairstylist invoice is used when a hairdresser charges a customer for services including hair cutting, coloring, extensions, or any hair-related service. Some salons may also offer additional care like waxing, nails, tanning, skin or facial care, and massages. The hairdresser will fill in the invoice according to the type of service performed or the product used, along with the associated costs. Most clients will pay immediately after the services were rendered.

How Much to Tip Hair Stylists?

When paying for a service of any kind, it is always recommended to tip. When it comes to hairstyling, a good tip is considered 15-20% of the subtotal on the bill. Adequate tipping helps to strengthen the relationship between the hairdresser and customer, making it more likely that the client will return and feel welcomed. Cash tips tend to be more practical since owners often distribute tips among workers. Credit cards are much tougher to divide, so hairdressers tend to prefer cash over card tips. If a 15-20% tip does not feel realistic it can be helpful to open up a conversation with the hairstylist or owner to discuss individual needs with payment. Both parties should leave feeling content with the service and compensation.

How Much do Hair Stylists Make?

A hairstylist’s salary depends greatly upon experience, location, and the reputation of their employer or company. On average, hairdressers make about $14 per hour or approximately $29,779 per year. However, hairdressers that are self-employed or work for big-name companies or celebrities can make well into the 6-digit income range.