Snow Plowing Invoice Template


snow plowing invoice is a form that enables a snow removal company or independent contractor to charge customers for snow clearing services. The duties typically occur after snow or ice has accumulated on a customer’s driveway, walkway, or any other area of their property. These services can include snow shoveling in addition to plowing. The frequency of invoicing is up to the discretion of the service provider. For instance, an invoice can be sent for each service or regularly (i.e., weekly, monthly, seasonally, etc.). If the company or contractor wishes to set a due date, they can do so in the “Invoice Terms” section. They can also write any additional notes about the service or transaction under “Invoice Notes.”

How to Invoice for Snow Plowing

Independent contractors and companies invoice clients by the service or at an hourly rate. The cost for manual services, like shoveling and snow blowing, is typically calculated by the hour. Since plowing does not require as much physical labor, the customer pays a set amount each time. Companies or individuals can also offer their services on a seasonal basis with a certain number of allotted visits. Professionals charge $25-75 for hourly services or $30-75 for a single visit. Seasonal rates range between $350-450.

Enter a complete description of the service(s) and the associated cost(s) in the invoice. Write the company and client information, the invoice number, and the service date to establish a record. The customer owes the amount stated in the “Total Due USD” category before the date that the snow plowing company or individual sets. The “Amount” equals the unit cost (or an hourly rate) and the quantity (or hours) in each category. The “Total” is the summary of the items listed under “Amount.”