Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement


The Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement is a contract used when a landlord (known as the “lessor”) intends to rent out their property to a business-owning tenant (known as the “lessee”). Commercial property, unlike its residential counterpart, can only be used for work-related purposes.

Commercial lease agreements generally include three (3) types of utility cost structuring; Gross Lease (landlord required to pay for most/all of the property expenses), Modified Gross Lease (both parties pay for expenses as negotiated), and Triple Net Lease (tenant is responsible for the majority of costs). The form can be structured to include any rent/utility payment structure. Additionally, the lease-type can be used for property zoned as retail, industrial, office, hospitality, mixed-use, and more.

Tenant Screening: Alaska Rental Application

Form Details

  • Available Formats: Adobe PDF (.pdf) & Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Fillable: Yes, in PDF format only.
  • Total pages: Eleven (11)
  • Total Sections: Thirty-one (31)
  • Font Color: Black
  • Notarization: Recommended, but not required

Required Information

  • Date of completion
  • Landlord and tenant(s) names
  • Property address & description
  • Length of the lease
  • Rent payments
  • Location for making payments
  • Utilities
  • Security deposit amount
  • Addresses for sending notices
  • Broker + fee (if a broker was used)
  • Required disclosures
  • Printed names and signatures of all parties