Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement

The Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement is a contract used when a landlord (the “lessor”) would like to rent out their property to a tenant (the “lessee”), where the tenant will be using the property for business purposes. The agreement can be used for leasing space that will be used for opening restaurants, retail shops, offices, or industrial spaces. Commercial lease agreements generally include three (3) types of utility cost structuring; Gross Lease (landlord required to pay for most/all of the property expenses), Modified Gross Lease (both parties pay for expenses as negotiated), and Triple Net Lease (tenant is responsible for the majority of the costs).

Additional Resources

Future and current business tenants should have an understanding of Alaska’s online Division of Corporations, which includes information and tools that allow users to search for existing companies, file new entities, and make revisions to existing business filings, to name a few.

Div. of Corp Home: Alaska Division Of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing

Information on Alaska Entities: Entity Type FAQs

File an Entity, Make Revisions, & More: Alaska Forms by Entity Type

Alaska allows individuals to file many documents online, where others may have to be printed and mailed to the following government address:

State of Alaska,
Corporations Section, PO Box 110806,
Juneau, AK 99811-0806

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